Visualization Analysis


  • 為了更有效率地查看網路資訊,將網路流量以圖表的方式呈現,提供使用者能直接將複雜的資訊藉著資料視覺化來分析,更容易地查出網路上的問題與資訊,找出其中的因果和關聯性,亦能免去查看數據資料所可能導致的誤判情勢發生。


port raffic


  • 支援 OpenFlow 1.3 之開放流交換器
  • Match Field
    • Ingress port. Numerical representation of incoming port, starting at 1. This may be a physical or switch-defined logical port.
    • Ethernet source MAC address
    • Ethernet destination MAC address
    • Ethernet type of the OpenFlow
    • VLAN-ID
    • VLAN priority (VLAN-PCP)
    • IPv4 source address
    • IPv4 destination address
    • IPv4 protocol number
    • TCP/UDP source port
    • TCP/UDP destination port
    • ICMPv4 type
    • ICMPv4 code
  • Action
    • Output (Req) : Forwards the packet to a specified OpenFlow port ( 2 port at least). If out-port is Controller, then the packet will be sent as packet-in message.
    • Drop (Req) : No explicit drop action. Packet with empty action set should be dropped.
    • Meter meter-id : Directs the packet to the specified meter.